Terms & Conditions

Booking and deposit

A reservation is only confirmed with the payment of 30% of the total amount. This payment can be made through Bank transfer or PayPal.

Please note that the booking is not confirmed until the prepayment is received; you then receive the booking confirmation by email.

The remaining balance, along with the damage deposit, needs to be paid in cash upon arrival, unless otherwise stated. The damage deposit is refunded at your departure, after the inspection of the accommodation.


Cancellation or change

Cancellation fees depend on notice given and are as follows:

Please note that the prepayment is non-refundable, not even in the case of force majeure.

To modify the number of guests:

To change the number of days:

All cancellations or changes must be made via email. Cancellations or changes by phone are not accepted.

Arrival procedure

When you book the InnLisbon apartment, you receive the booking confirmation via email. Please print a copy of the email to bring with you; it has all the information that you need on arrival.

If you couldn’t provide your estimated time of arrival (ETA) when you booked, please let us know your ETA at least three days prior to your arrival date. This helps to ensure a prompt check in.

During your stay

You are expected to treat your accommodation and all of its equipment with care. Any specific rules and regulations for the accommodation and its surroundings must be respected at all times.

If any damage is done to the accommodation or its equipment, you must inform the owner/contact immediately, so that repairs can be dealt with as soon as possible.


You are also expected to show consideration and respect towards your neighbours. As no accommodation is completely soundproof –everyone expects a level of noise from neighbours – please be considerate of noise, particularly in the evenings and at night.

The person signing the rental agreement (the client) with the owner is expected to ensure that his/her guests will behave in a suitable manner. Should that person or his/her guests not behave in a suitably responsible manner, the owner reserves the right to evict the client and his/her guests from the accommodation; thereby forfeiting the right to any compensation by the client.


The accommodation is cleaned prior to your arrival. On your departure, you are required take out the garbage; the accommodation should be left in a reasonable condition. The owner is entitled to charge additional fees if the accommodation is not left as such.

Number of guests

The client must book for the number of guests in the booking party. If this number varies during your stay, you must book for the highest number of persons that will occupy the accommodation. E.g. On booking an accommodation for four nights; If on two nights you have four persons and two nights you have three persons, you make the booking for four persons.

Unless otherwise agreed by the owner, only the number of guests indicated by the client in the booking are authorised to use the accommodation. The number of persons who may use the accommodation must not exceed its allocated capacity, except for children under three years old. In the event of any infringement of these obligations, the owner is entitled to evict the client and his/her guests from the accommodation; thereby forfeiting the right to any compensation by the client.


InnLisbon Apartment is not liable for any direct or indirect damages that may occur during the stay-period at the accommodation, including (but not exclusive to): injury to person or possession, losses because of fire, theft or criminal behaviour.

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